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VINCI Facilities GmbH

VINCI Facilities GmbH essentially evolved from the former FACEO Deutschland GmbH and today is the leading supplier of integrated facility management in national and transnat-
ional projects. The company is responsible for the complete management of production facilities, office buildings, and commercial properties for well-known clients in the DACH and CEE economic regions (encompassing central and eastern Europe). In fulfilling these responsibilities, the company plays a key role in the VINCI Group’s facility management projects throughout Europe, among other things.

Areas of expertise
VINCI Facilities GmbH offers the entire range of services related to technical, infrastructural, and commercial facility management. Thanks to the use of its own employees and support from the Group’s companies VINCI Facilities Cleaning GmbH and VINCI Facilities Security GmbH, as well as other building services firms in the VINCI Group, VINCI Facilities GmbH can cover close to the entire range of neces-
sary services depending on the customer’s location. This ensures an extremely high level of service quality, transparency, standardiza-
tion, and cost efficiency.


Bernd Trittenbach