Diversity is our corporate culture

What is now known as “Diversity Management” was a natural part of VINCI Facilities’ corporate culture back before this term had ever been heard of in the business world. Because of the genuine international composition of our corporate group, the fact that diversity enriches business and society in every way, it is not something we just figured out yesterday. In addition to many other values, our self-image also includes our role as an engine powering people’s upward mobility. That’s why the companies in the VINCI Group actively pursue policies which promote equal opportunity, particularly when it comes to employing women, disabled persons, people older than fifty, as well as people with foreign back-
grounds. But to us, diversity management is also an instrument for effectively developing individual skills and talents which serve the individual as well as the entire corporate group. In a respectful and appreciative working environment, this is how we increase our ability to compete with other companies internationally and actively shape our own future.