Comprehensive facility management

When we talk about facility management at VINCI Facilities, we mean a compre-
hensive, integrated range of different services. In principle, this range of services has three different sides: technical, infrastructural, and commercial. Technical Facility Management encompasses the management and maintenance of all technical building systems; Infrastructural Facility Management applies to all building services; Commercial Facility Management deals with the rental, admin-
istration, and cost-related affairs. This is how we ensure that a property always has the perfect balance cost-effectiveness, innovative building technology, and attractive usage characteristics. And explains why today VINCI Facilities manages a significant number of square meters of floorspace worldwide.

We manage the US Army’s properties in Germany with companies that are specialized in working with these clients. And for each of these jobs and in every project, we develop the right measures for optimizing costs and ensure that the cost structure is balanced – over the property’s entire life cycle. So no matter what project you have planned – you are in absolutely reliable professional hands with VINCI Facilities.