A one-of-a-kind company history

1976 Acquisition of the first European maintenance and management contract from US government agencies through KLEE KG

1988 The construction companies KLEE KG and Ehrenfels GmbH found SKE GmbH headquartered in Würzburg with a branch office in Mannheim

1995 Maintenance contract for American schools in Germany

1998 Additional Total Maintenance contracts for the US Army in Germany and Europe, BOS GmbH founded

1999 SKE International Inc. founded in the USA

2000 Integration of the SKE Group into VINCI S.A.

2004 First and largest PPP contract for building construction Germany-wide acquired, SKE Schul-Facility-Management GmbH founded, and TWM GmbH acquired

2006 Acquisition of Stingl Group, G+H Kühllager- & Industriebau GmbH, and Schuh Bodentechnik GmbH

2009 Acquisition of G+H Bautec with G+H Innenausbau, G+H Reinraum, and G+H Dwuzet Fassadentechnik GmbH

2010 Acquisition of the Nickel Group, transfer of G+H Dwuzet Fassadentechnik to VINCI Energies, and founding of VINCI Facilities

2011 Integration of Faceo Germany, Faceo Hungary, Faceo Slovakia, and Etavis Switzerland

2011 Foundation of VINCI Facilities S.A.

2013 Intergration into VINCI Energies