ÖPP Contract signed for Berufskolleg Bergheim

Contract signed for building and operating the Berufskollegs Bergheim – District Rhein-Erft-Kreis has chosen VINCI Facilities GmbH A good start to the new year was given to VINCI Facilities SKE, when on January 10 2018, just three months after the signing of the PPP project in Cologne, the next PPP contract was signed in Bergheim. 19.4 M € and a contract period of 27 years, including the construction period, for the new construction and long-term operation of a vocational college in Bergheim, Rhein-Erft-Kreis is now a done deal. On December 20, VF-SKE was awarded the contract for the turnkey construction of the new school building with a double sports hall, including a parking lot and outdoor facilities. The work will be completed by summer 2019. After that, the facility management begins over a period of 25 years with caretaking services, maintenance, beauty repairs and the CAFM system. An optional extension of the new building is also already planned. The pedagogical focus is on the occupational fields of social and health care, nutrition and housekeeping, personal care and the food industry.

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