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Schuh Bodentechnik GmbH

Schuh Bodentechnik GmbH is a specialist in the construction and redevelopment of indus-
trial and parking garage floors. Over three decades of experience in the installation of industrial floors guarantees that projects both in Germany and abroad are completed as rapidly as possible regardless of the size of the building. The company frequently uses
its own product, HD 88, as well as other products, such as coatings, which are all implemented by trained specialists. Its niche product HD 88, available in a variety of surface variations, is primarily used in the automotive industry, but it also has applications in underground parking garages to create heavy-duty, visually appealing surfaces.

Areas of expertise
The advantage of Schuh Bodentechnik GmbH lies primarily in the fact that the company is both the manufacturer and installer of its own product HD 88, which gives it the ability to meet its customers’ high standards of quality. All of its efforts are in pursuit of one goal: building long-term, trusting partnerships with its customers.


Thomas Fuchs
Managing Director