SKE Schul-Facility-Management GmbH

As an independent project business, SKE Schul-Facility-Management GmbH carries
out a public-private-partnership project with
the County of Offenbach. This project includes renovation and operation of 41 schools with a total of 234 buildings. The total volume is 370 million EUR.

Areas of expertise
The range of services encompasses the planning and execution of renovation measures at all schools, along with financing. In addition, for 15 years, it has been providing extensive operational services, such as energy, water, and waste water management, mainten-
ance, and facility manager services. The maintenance of outdoor facilities is also covered by the contract, for instance, winter service, maintenance cleaning, waste removal, preventive maintenance for building systems, and preventive fire safety measures.


Jörg Bretschneider
Managing Director

Bernard Jean
Managing Director