• Consulting
  • Financing
  • New build
  • Operation
  • Planning
  • Restoration of buildings
  • Restoration of buildings
  • Turnkey solutions

VINCI Facilities SKE GmbH

VINCI Facilities SKE GmbH develops for you service programs, selects specialized com-panies, coordinates the interaction and insures a consisting high quality and efficiency for the entire life cycle of your property. She is also responsible for building, renovating and operating of Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) Projects on contract periods of up to 30 years.


  • Developing
  • Coordinating
  • Operating

Facility Management Projects (FM and Public-Private-Partnership Projects (PPP) aretheir competence within the VINCI Facilities Group. They offer conceptual planning of construction works and renovation Services.

They prepare optimized financing conceptions and operates real estates for:

  • State Sector
  • Communities
  • Private Sector Companies

Qualified and dedicated engineers, foremen and specialist workers are trained in the special fields of:

  • Energy Management
  • Reconstruction Services
  • Facility Management
  • Maintenance Services

and provides a comprehensive, knowledgeable and speedy handling of your Projects.

VINCI Facilities SKE GmbH includes the Project companies SKE School-Facility-Management GmbH and PPP Betrieb Schulen Eupen S.A.


Rainer Beisel
Managing Director

Bernard Jean
Managing Director