VINCI Facilities is large, but always personal

VINCI S.A., as a corporate group, employs over 185,000 people and generates revenues of close to 38,7 billion euros a year. VINCI Facilities Deutschland currently has close to 1,500 employees which generated 336 million euros in revenue. This figure is the result of many major projects: US properties, industrial buildings, school and bank complexes, and much more. But small companies also feel right at home with us. Our policy is to view customer satisfaction as the most important goal, regardless of the project’s value. In this context, our decentralized organi-
zational structure and our variety of different locations mean that a client’s per-
sonal contact at VINCI Facilities comes from somewhere in the near vicinity. And has the entire power of VINCI Facilities behind them – now that is what partnership means to us.